Eucheuma Cottonii

The most common and fastest growing species of seaweed. Wide range of uses, from food industry to pharmaceutical industry.

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This seaweed is one of the best type of seaweed. E cottonii is used in many industries, from foods, cosmetics, up to medical. E cottonii is a type of seaweed that can be cultivated but require specific habitat to grow in order to generate a superior product.

Fresh E.Cottonii
Dried E.Cottonii

Through empowering communities, We try to provide as many impact to them, from education to social-aid. We work closely with Indonesia seaweed farmers and focus only produce the best quality of Eucheuma Cottonii.


To answer the challenge of a quality product, we only offer dried products that have met the market specification. We provide seaweed aged between 40 days. Seaweed is in immaculate condition with a maximum of 4 (%) impurities parameter. While water levels in seaweed by 35-38 (%).

Tested and Lab by LIPI KIMIA Indonesia

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