Ufuk Timur FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q : What is Ufuk Timur?

A : Ufuk Timur is a company engaged in export business. Our vision is become One of the leading Indonesian companies globally through community empowerment and utilization of natural resources wisely and sustainable.

Q : When was Ufuk Timur established?

A : Ufuk Timur was established in 2014.

Q : Where is Ufuk Timur located?

A : Ufuk Timur head office is in Bontang, East Borneo – Indonesia.

Q : What is the legal status of Ufuk Timur?

A : Ufuk Timur legal entity is Limited Partnership (Ltd).

Q : Who is the partner / customer of Ufuk Timur?

A : We serve individual and corporate purchases, either domestic and international.

Q : What are the products?

A : Ufuk Timur main product is euchema cottonii seaweed. The other products are wooden-door and rattan furniture.

Q : How is the specification of your seaweed product?

A : Specifications can be viewed at our website or for more further information please contact us

Q : How good is your products?

A : We are ready to send you our samples for free*. Just contact us

Q : What is the price of the product?

A : The price is very dynamic (based on Indonesia’s Exchange Rates), for more information please contact us through channels that has been provided

Q : How do I order products?

A : An order can be made by visiting our product page then press the order now button or simply contact us.

Q : How do I make payments?

A : We accept Andvance Payment and Letter of Credit (L/C)

* for certain product